The Silent Tears of Polygamy

"The Silent Tears of Polygamy"...

is an eye-opening, revealing and enlightening tale of an American female convert to Islam who finds her monogamous marriage unexpectedly turns polygamous.

About the Novel

The "Silent Tears of Polygamy" is a fiction novel about an American woman named Ana who converted to Islam and married a man named Alec who had converted, as well.

"The Silent Tears of Polygamy"

They have a very good marriage, and they both appear to be happy. It is until Alec rekindles a relationship with a woman named Carolyn whom he had an intimate relationship with before he met and married Ana. He marries Carolyn, making him polygamous.

The novel takes the readers on a journey with Ana, so they could experience the trials, tribulations and struggles that she encounters in her effort to cope with the new unwanted lifestyle.

"The Silent Tears of Polygamy"

She is torn and devastated by being in a polygamous marriage, despite the fact that polygamy is an acceptable form of marriage that God allows.

"The Silent Tears of Polygamy" is unlike typical books on the subject in that it doesn't portray the characters as being idealistic in terms of what a polygamous marriage is about. The characters live a polygamous marriage based on the truths that one encounters that are universal to probably all women, whether Muslim or not, who unwillingly find themselves in a polygamous marriage.

The Silent Tears of Polygamy

About the Author

Robin Johnson is the founder, owner and administrator of the blog that launched in February 2009. She revised the blog in September 2014, and made it a support group as well. It is a blog for all who have a positive interest in polygamy.

Johnson is a veteran detective. She worked for a law enforcement agency in her home town for many years and is now self-employed. She has specialized training and experience in investigating domestic violence cases, and expertise in interviewing and helping victims of domestic abuse.

Having a sincere passion to help others, she uses the education, knowledge and skills that she acquired from her profession to help women in polygamous marriages. Johnson lives in NJ with her husband.

It is with great pleasure that she presents to you, "The Silent Tears of Polygamy": Based on a True Story of an American Female Living in the US.

The Silent Tears of Polygamy

The Purpose

Robin Johnson wrote "The Silent Tears of Polygamy" to help the many women on the planet who are needlessly suffering in polygamous marriages. The women want to find a way to acceptance and happiness.

Many women have found themselves in polygamous marriages unexpectedly. Their husbands may have come home one day and said they are going to marry other women. Some women learned that their husbands had secret wives.

Regardless of how it was discovered, it usually causes wives an undue amount of heartache, pain and devastation. Most women whether Muslim or non-Muslim dislike polygamy.

Even though Muslims should know that polygamy is a way of life that God allows (He allows men to have up to four wives at a time), it is a difficult lifestyle for most women to accept.

The purpose of "The Silent Tears of Polygamy" is to let women know what to expect in a polygamous marriage and to let them know that they are not alone. Others are going through the same hardship that they are. They must go through a process that may help to purify their souls.

Women can come out victorious and happier in life than they've ever been. It doesn't have to be the end of their world. In fact, it could be a new beginning of a life of joy and happiness for them in this world's life.

"The Silent Tears of Polygamy" was written based on the story of an American woman who lives in a polygamous marriage in the 21st century and has made great strides in it. Being victorious in a polygamous marriage is doable and can be beautiful with the right mindset and effort.

The "Silent Tears of polygamy" is an eye-opening, revealing tale. It will be educational for all who reads it.

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